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Saturday Lunch at Lebanon Meza Lounge

99:- SEK (Monday – Friday) or 168:- SEK (Saturday) per person

Dolmades and other Meza dishes

Dolmades and other Meza dishes

Available: Monday – Friday 11:00-15:00 and Saturdays between 11:00 – 16:00
Address: Hamngatan 6, 111 47 Stockholm
Phone Number: 08-611 40 95
Website: Lebanon Meza Lounge
Reservations: By phone or email


  • Amazing lebanese food, great for vegetarians
  • Its cheap!
  • Very cozy decor
  • Reservations generally not needed for lunch
  • Central location in the heart of Stockholm
  • During summer weekdays, you can watch the changing of the guard from the terrace


  • Website not entirely up-to-date


Ok, so this isn’t a brunch review as such, but the saturday lunch that Lebanon Meza Lounge offers might as well be a non-traditional brunch buffet. The food is very very good and cheap! The dishes vary from day-to-day and I’ve never been disappointed in the selection that has been available.

Cold starters Lebanese style

Cold starters Lebanese style

The Food

Meza starters

The cold starters consist of a vast array of different types of salads and cold spreads. I think I’ve counted up to 15 different kinds.

Hummus, Tzatziki and a creamy aubergine spread are always available, along with various other types of traditional lebanese starters. Okra in a tomato sauce, lebanese tuna salad and Dolmades (one of my favorites!) as well as a fresh green salad round off the meza dishes.

Warm lunch buffet

Traditional Lebanese food

Traditional Lebanese food

The warm buffet always contains at least 6 different traditional lebanese dishes. Again the actual dishes vary from day-to-day and week-to-week.

In the past, Lebanon Meza Lounge has served up a very tasty beef stew with rice, lamb stew with roasted vegetables, Lebanese chicken lasagna, grilled salmon with roasted potatoes, and chicken drumsticks.

There are usually assorted traditional Lebanese pastries in lunch buffet as well.

Drinks and cake

Drinks are included in the cost of the cheap lunch buffet according to the Lebanon Meza Lounge website. These consist of light beer, soft drinks, juices and water. Coffee and Tea are also included in the buffet. And usually there are some complimentary coffee cakes and/or cookies available. However, I’ve never seen juices and soft drinks on offer so the website might not be completely up-to-date on this.

Final Impressions

If you’re up for trying out something a bit different for your saturday brunch/lunch, give the Lebanon Meza Lounge a shot. The food is very tasty and fresh, and its very cheap compared to other more traditional brunch buffets around Stockholm.

Have you had lunch at the Lebanon Meza Lounge? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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