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Brunch at Fåfängan

Fåfängan Cold Brunch Table

Fåfängan Cold Brunch Table

245:- SEK Per Person

Available: Saturdays and Sundays, 11:00am till 1:00pm
Address: Klockstapelsbacken 3, 116 41, Stockholm
Phone Number: 08-642 9900
Website: Brunch @ Fåfängan
Email Address: [email protected]
Reservations: Online bookings or phone
Last Review Date: July 17, 2011


  • Gluten free
  • Wide and extensive selection of traditional and non-traditional brunch foods
  • Quite possibly the best view in Stockholm?
  • Guaranteed seats (over 300) during nice weather with lots of space for kids to run around


  • No more meatballs.
  • Indoors bookable only by online reservations or phone
  • Only one sitting
  • Not the easiest place to get to
  • Disappointing desserts
  • The birds! (If you’re outside)


About Fåfängan.

About Fåfängan.

We finally have had a chance to go back to review Fåfängan. It’s been a few months since we were last here, so we were looking forward to a nice Swedish style brunch. Unfortunately, the quality isn’t what we have had in the past. While still good (overall), there were a few things that left a bad taste in our mouth.

Fåfängan does pride themselves on actually giving back to the community and providing something for people who may not be able to enjoy a traditional brunch. Also, the views of Stockholm harbor, Södermalm and Hammarby Sjöstad are simply amazing; you can even see Globen.

The Food and Drinks

First and foremost, everything at Fåfängan is gluten free. Everything, including the pancakes, but we’re not sure about the bread (sliced baguettes or the Knäckebröd), but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. There is a wide selection of cold foods, warm foods, and a few desserts. Read more below for more details.

Cold Plates

Fåfängan has a wide selection of cold food available. Starting with salads: a tomato-mozzarella caprese salad and a greek salad. There is also a DIY cesar with options for dried tomatoes, extra olives, and parmesan cheese, but no chicken. They offer 2 different styles of salmon, cured and smoked (which was very tasty). They also have 4 different cold cuts available

Warm Plates

The warm plate at Fåfängan

The warm plate at Fåfängan

The warm plates at Fåfängen were okay. The bacon was delicious, and the scrambled eggs were moist, soft and fluffy. They offered 2 types of potatoes (roasted and boiled). As for the big meat pieces, the pork was excellent, the chicken was a little dry (unless you picked from the bottom) and the beef was alright. There was also prinskorv, both regular and spicy. One thing that is missing is their meatballs. They used to have these blackened meatballs that were delicious! Unsure where they went, it’s rather disappointing as those were excellent!


I had to put this as it’s own section, as it’s something that sets Fåfängan apart from other brunches. Fåfängan has added a second plate to make pancakes on, and offers 100% REAL Canadian Maple Syrup. Add in they are also gluten free, quite tasty and DIY, it’s great.

Unfortunately most people struggle to properly make pancakes, and thus cause a longer then needed queue to get them, but trust us, it’s WELL worth it.


Dessert Plate at Fåfängan.

Dessert Plate at Fåfängan.

Unfortunately the dessert isn’t as good as I remember it. The brownie was hard and crumbly, not moist and soft. It actually felt it was halfway there to being a double baked brownie. They quickly ran out of vanilla pannacotta which was replaced by ice cream, rather unfortunate.

There are cheeses available (brie, blue and a cheddar) with grapes and watermelon, but no crackers to enjoy it with. A little bit odd.


Coffee and tea (which a wide selection) are included; however, everything outside of that is extra. They do have beer and bubbles if you wish to start off early.

Final Impressions

View of a the inner Stockholm harbour from Fåfängan.

View of a the inner Stockholm harbour from Fåfängan.

Fåfängans gluten free brunch has slipped in our opinion since our last visit. Could this be due to the summer months? Possible! But we want consistency all year round. However, as faithful patrons, we will come back later in the year to re-review them. Don’t get me wrong, the food still tastes great, but just not as good as we remember it to be.

The view is, quite simply put, spectacular and well worth the walk from either Slussen or Hammarby Sjöstad. They’re currently running a campaign where everyone who has brunch and checks in at Fåfängan via Facebook, results in a 10:- donation to Stockholms Stadsmission.

Overall, Fåfängan is still a good value for what is offered. It was a great value before, and hopefully they can bring it back up there!


Have you been to Fåfängan? Tell us what you think in the comments.

3 Responses to “Brunch at Fåfängan”

  • Fåfängan is one of my favorite outdoor brunches. Really, what is better than enjoying awesome food, some bubbles, out in the sun, with a nice warm sea breeze. It’s also a great place to take visitors as the view is priceless.

    I took my mom and sister there on their trip to Stockholm, and they completely enjoyed it. The wide selection of food was actually second to the amazing view it offers, while we ate brunch outside.

  • Sands:

    I kinda feel like heading over to fafangan right now. Too bad they onle have the one sitting. Its amissed opportunity on their part and really the only negative aspect I can think of.

  • After going back, I really wish I didn’t! It was so much better last time, at least from what I remember. Hopefully it was just a summer thing, and come September it improves!

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